Property Management Services


You know when the home is inspected the inspector is going to put those dreaded words on the report, recommend you get a licensed A/C Technician to inspect and service the unit.†Why not beat them to the punch and get this done before the home is inspected or better yet before it hits the market? This way you can avoid costly delays, the home is more marketable since it will be nice and cool when the potential buyers walk in, and your not having an open house in a hot house sweating in your slacks or dress.

What if you find the unit needs more than a tune up? Don’t fret, we have a solution for bigger problems too. Check out the Financing Options we have for your clients. Including No Interest for 18 months and no minimum payment due.

Referral Program

$100-$200 Referral when your client purchases a new unit. This will make the home more marketable as all buyers cringe at the thought of a 10, 15 ,20 year old unit when they are looking at the seller’s disclosure. Client just needs a tune-up, no worries we will give you credit for this too. Just have the client mention your name and we will keep a running tally. Once you have 10 tune-up referrals we will send you a $75 gift card as well.

All gift cards are sent out on a quarterly basis and agent has choice of Valero or H-E-B Gift Card. Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials and ownership has the right to discontinue program at any time for any reason.

Landlords and Property Managers

Tired of call after call from tenants about the A/C not cooling properly or the heater not keeping them warm enough. Let Clima Cool A/C & Heating take care of this for you with a personalized Preventative Maintenance Package( link to Preventative Maint. Package). We will take care of the summer and winter tune-ups on the unit,provide a years worth of filters, and send you a report on the condition of the unit. This way you can better anticipate future repairs, know the unit is being maintained properly, and not have to worry about call after call from your tenants.

We can even take emergency calls on your behalf and with pre-negotiated terms to perform work and bill you directly. This will keep you in compliance with Texas property manager codes and your tenants happy. Call today to set up your Personalized Package or send us an email and we will build you a quote based off the size of your home and unit.

What if I need a new Unit? No worries. Financing is available for secondary and rental properties. Other companies generally require the property be your main residence, but not Clima Cool. Apply today!